Kai Taylor

Kai started his fitness journey at an early age as he excelled in multiple sports from the beginning. He reached his peak as a professional soccer player when he started looking to his future at 24. The doors that freely opened through exercise and health inspired him to train people to accomplish their goals. One of his first clients lost 100 pounds in one year but suffered an injury from overexertion. The incident prompted Kai to question what could have been implemented to prevent the injury, and how he could help people beyond physical training. He stumbled upon Pete Egoscue’s method that focused on posture and body alignment and his bio mechanical brain started ticking. He became an Egoscue Practitioner and Clinic Director before moving forward to find a way to combine both fitness and biomechanics for complete long term healing in his clients. His experience runs the gamut from high powered athletes to children. He has fully mastered the art of movement that mitigates pain and helps clients to unleash their own power of potential.

Greg Fischer

Greg spent 7 years with 24 Hour Fitness, progressively moving from Personal Trainer, to Training Manager, and eventually General Manager, overseeing multimillion dollar facilities with teams of 50+ employees. Along the way he learned many important lessons including how to manage operations and scale a business, that smiles are free to give, but pay dividends, and that he doesn’t like wearing dress shoes and slacks (rumor is that’s why he left).
He was inspired to cofound Level 5 from a deep frustration with the industries failure to provide clients with the tools necessary for success.
He loves snowboarding (and dreams of experiencing Japanuary), has a lifelong goal of growing shoulder-length hair, and would meditate on the beach and play soccer 7 days a week if he could.

Keith Johnson

Keith grew up in a family where healthy eating and holistic living were more than an option; they were a way of life. It was natural that he fell in love with helping others live a healthy lifestyle, and he began working in an occupational and post-operative rehabilitation clinic at an early age. Keith recently moved home (Los Angeles) from Texas, and in his spare time he enjoys solving rubix cubes, BMX, and watching the warriors win championships (yeah he even liked them before it was cool)!

Emily Nichols

Emily, a high performance lifestyle leader and health advocate, believes in limitlessness and transformation. She thrives off of sharing, and has an amazing holistic outlook on living a healthy lifestyle. Emily has a strong understanding that contributing to others through connection and lack of judgment can help everyone experience positive changes. 
Born a natural movement enthusiast, Emily’s passion has drawn her toward learning different modalities of the body including, stretching, yoga, overall fitness, and corrective exercise.  She has a huge internal draw toward understanding movement and optimizing well-being which has lead her to strive to help others grow. 
Emily’s appreciation for knowledge has gotten her to travel to foreign places to learn new tools and techniques that she brings to education with others. Specifically breathe work and integrative medicine for holistic healing. 

Rebecca Brown

Rebecca spent 6 years as a competitive gymnast and continued her passion for fitness and activity with cheer, dance and even boxing.
She graduated from the University of Arizona pursing a career in corporate recruitment and moved to San Diego to live the California dream, only realizing spending the day in business casual at a desk wasn’t her scene.
Rebecca knew she loved working with fitness and nutrition and wanted to help others be successful in implementing heath into their lifestyle so she decided to join the team at Level 5 Fitness. She packed up her car and moved to the Santa Monica area to begin a new chapter.
Rebecca spends any free time outdoors and enjoys biking the boardwalk, beach days and outdoor yoga. She also likes to get creative in the kitchen and loves trying out new healthy recipes.

Evelyn Garcia

Growing up Evie enjoyed all sporting events, specifically soccer and baseball. As she began college at CSU Fresno she pursued a career in sports performance and partook in a personal training internship during her final year. The internship allowed her to train a variety of clients with many physical limitations. Before the internship was over, she had learned that sports performance was not for her; but most importantly that she loved the neurodevelopmental sequence and became fascinated how people stray from the functional movement patterns. Her curiosity never left, this led her to shadow physical therapists in Fresno. Unfortunately, this field was not what she envisioned and continued as a personal trainer. Being the go getter as she is, she soon moved to Los Angeles and sought for a job that focused on total-body alignment & wellness. Evie enjoys going on hikes, long distance running and watching her daily soccer game.