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This stage is about establishing the right fundamentals, and it begins with retraining your body to move with proper biomechanics, while also beginning to adapt the way you eat and spend the other 23 hours of your day outside the gym. In this stage you notice immediate improvements to mobility, pain reduction, and some fat loss/muscle gain.


Now that we have a solid foundation, it’s time to cement it. This is where we begin to increase the workload by adding some more challenging weighted exercises, while also helping you overcome roadblocks. In this phase, you will notice much more rapid changes to the way you look, and it’s also the point where you’ll feel like things “click.”


This level introduces more complex, and heavier movements i.e. weighted Deadlifts. You will probably have already reached your aesthetic goals by now – Woohoo! So this stage is really about preparing the body for a higher level of function and mastery (both nutrition and movement).


In order to be autonomous, self-awareness and regulation is key. This is where we start to hand the baton to you, and teach you to lead and direct your own development and begin to develop the awareness of your own body and habits to start to take responsibility for your results.


In this level, you’ll not only have reached your aesthetic goals, but also feel phenomenal. This is all about pushing you to the next level, and involves highly complex and challenging movements such as Olympic lifting and dynamic training like depth jumps, and also at the point where you no longer feel like you “need” help to be successful, but you continue to stay for the community.