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  • 45 Minutes of Fun & Results

personal training boca ratonWhat is Vertical Training?

Come and experience fitness like you’ve never experienced fitness before. Train smart, train vertical…train on the wall with Level 5 Fitness Studios.

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Train Tough
Revolutionize the Way You Workout.
Minimal Time. Maximum Results.

Come see what everyone is talking about at our revolutionary Xtreme fitness studio, Level 5 Fitness Studio, which offers a tone-up all-over intense workout that will boost your flexibility, coordination and balance. Our Fitness training center has two gym studios in East Boca Raton and West Boca Raton and truly delivers a killer workout focusing on:

  1. strength
  2. power
  3. agility
  4. endurance
  5. speed

This isn’t your mother’s gym, fitness center, or health club. The Wall works your entire body in just 45 minutes. Personalized attention and fun are combined to offer you a one-of-kind training experience which delivers maximum results. From Beginner to Advanced, a range of people on all fitness levels work side by side at their own pace to perform our 14 Core Fundamentals: the Perfect Pull-Up, Rear Delt Pull-Up, Standard Row, Ab Pull, Cowboy Squat, Squat, Leg Extension, Calf Raise, Kickbacks, Hip Rotation, Slide Oblique Kicks, Targeting, Ab Hops, In & Out Ab Hops. Every move is modifiable for your fitness level and coaches are available to assist everyone in reaching their goals.

Train smarter, not harder. At Level 5 Fitness, we use cutting edge technology to collect data that matters in an actionable format and deliver it to you in real time to enhance your workout tracking performance via innovated algorithms. Learn more about how this cutting technology and science is revolutionizing the way we do fitness to offer you results at Level 5 Fitness.

Elevate Your Fitness to Level 5. We offer a FREE 1-week gym membership so you can experience Level 5 Fitness for yourself!